From, by Keira Knightley, Photography by Patrick Demarchelier.

Patrick Demarchelier was born outside of Paris in 1943, and any movie about his life would necessarily include the poignant scene of his stepfather giving the self-professed troublemaker an Eastman Kodak camera for his 17th birthday. After assisting the likes of Hans Feurer, the young Demarchelier struck out on his own, moved to New York, and developed his now signature, striking style of fashion photography. Destabilizing an elaborately staged fashion editorial or a portrait of Diana, Princess of Wales, for whom he was the official photographer, with a spark of spontaneity, Demarchelier creates a kind of verve, a frisson that has made him a legend, and his name a byword for fashion royalty—the very first thing Miranda Priestly wants to know of her hopeless new assistant in The Devil Wears Prada is “Did Demarchelier confirm?

[ Editor’s Note: The link below is to a tasteful yet NSFW image.]

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