Welcome to NotShopped.net!  Why are we here?  We’re photo enthusiasts, documentary photographers, artists and artisans, creatives, techies, quants, number crunchers, historians and poets – sometimes all at the same time.  We love imagery, ideas and inspiration and believe there’s great value and insight to be gained from photographers, storytellers and other visual pros (and amateurs alike) who show what they shoot, plain and simple.  There’s always a place and use for Photoshop in this world, but this site is dedicated to photography without digital manipulation.  Whether it’s for editorial journalism, art, fashion or storytelling in every form, NotShopped.net celebrates the unaltered, unmanipulated (is that a word?), unretouched photos and images that touch our hearts and stir our emotions.

NotShopped.net — What you shoot is what you show.

– Daniel Farber Huang