British Journal of Photography, by Maisie Skidmore, October 24, 2016

“The police in central London, they all know me. That’s probably not a good thing.” Street photographer Charlie Kwai is making a name for himself with his high-flash, in-your-face portraits of Londoners.

Born and raised in London, Charlie Kwai has always been fascinated by untold narratives about those around him, but it wasn’t until a stint working as a freelance graphic designer in tourist hotspot Piccadilly Circus that he started to carve out his singular niche in street photography.

He soon discarded the Pentax K1000 he had stolen from college almost a decade earlier in favour of a digital camera, and began to seek respite from his frustrating day job by capturing the characters he found around him.

“I’d go out on lunch and spend a full hour taking photos. I wouldn’t even eat sometimes, and then after work I would stay out from six until eight most nights,” he says.

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