The Straits Times, by Neo Xiaobin, November 10, 2016

In a series of emotive portraits, 12 pairs of eyes stare through their respective chest X-rays and CT scans. Sounds of laboured breathing and wheezing are heard faintly in the dim space.

Mounted on light boxes, the installation by home-grown documentary photographer Sim Chi Yin, is part of her Dying To Breathe project, on which she spent four years from research to product.

The project is essentially a portrait of China’s leading occupational disease – black lung disease or pneumoconiosis, the hardening of lungs caused by the prolonged breathing of coal mine dust.

Sim, 38, is a member of the New York-based VII Photo Agency, and her work is part of this year’s Women In Film And Photography showcase, which celebrates the achievements of women who work in photography and film.

In this second edition of Women In Photography, co-presented by Objectifs Centre for Photography and Film and the Magnum Foundation, documentary works by 18 artists take centre stage.

Held at Objectifs, the works of the photographers from countries as diverse as Egypt, Mexico and the Philippines are showcased in an exhibition that addresses international issues ranging from young women’s struggles with HIV/Aids in Swaziland to perceptions of women in the Middle East.

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