Business Review, November 15, 2016

Why take photographs? What is it that makes a photograph so very different from any other form of art like painting, a sculpture, or a poem?

As platform Learn my shot notes, the photograph documents reality in an instant, using light and time to reproduce a moment, as it is perceived. This is what makes photography one of the most important methods of documentation of people, events, and feelings, both historically and in the present day.

Currently, Bucharest has a new exhibition through this  Documentary Photography Centre, which opens today, starting 18.30, in Amzei Square – Amzei Market Makers.

“The Documentary Photography Centre is an NGO recently born which want to promote the documentary photography in Romania, as well as presenting the Romanian photography to the international circles throughout a digital platform, photo exhibitions, workshops, debates and photo magazines”, says Ioana Calinescu, one of those who promote the centre.

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