Post Register, by Joyce Edlefsen, November 21, 2016

ST. ANTHONY — It’s something history buffs can usually only imagine. But it happened to Tamra Cikaitoga of Ashton. Two photo albums full of previously unknown century-old documentary photos were dropped off at her house.  A longtime fan of history and of Island Park history in particular, Cikaitoga came home from church one Sunday last May to find the albums. One book was opened to a page containing a photo of the Big Springs Ranger Station, a photo she’d sought for years.

Cikaitoga, Fremont County’s parks and recreation director, is something of an expert on the Johnny Sack Cabin at Big Springs in Island Park. She even met the legendary cabin builder once when she was 5.

“I remember his suspenders and his long-sleeved white shirt,” she said. “I was given some wooden ducks and a bowl of mints to keep me occupied in the corner.”

She was the only child at the Sack cabin party with her parents.

Now Cikaitoga is a tour guide, grant writer and project planner for the Forest Service-owned cabin property through agreements made years ago by the Island Park Interpretive Association, the Forest Service and the county.

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