Artforum, November 22, 2016.

Documentary photographer Greg Constantine was traveling to Myanmar for the opening of his exhibition “Nowhere People,” when he was stopped at Yangon airport and told that he could not enter the country because he was on a “blacklist.”

The exhibition showcases a body of work documenting stateless people living across eighteen countries that took the artist ten years to create. Among the people featured are Myanmar’s Muslim minority, known as the Rohingya, who live in Internally Displaced Person (IDP) camps in Rakhine State.

“I’ve done a significant amount of work on stateless people in Rakhine . . . I can only speculate that that would be the reason, or one of the reasons, why I would be on this blacklist right now,” Constantine told AFP. U Ye Tun Oo, director of the immigration department, refused to explain why Constantine was put on the list and did not provide any details.

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